debata-4-kolaz-1024x640 Procedure before the European Court of Human Rights April 6, 2018 - This time, students learned about the application of the European Convention in Cases of Discrimination and discussed the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights
edukacija-kolaz-1024x640 Workshop for young people, students and CSO activists on the topic of discrimination April 5, 2018 - Through lectures and interactive discussions, participants learned what discrimination is and how to discriminate against human rights violations
The third debate The third debate of law students: a mock trial in the case of sexual harassment December 24, 2017 - During “trial” students had introductory statements of both parties in a case, questioned witnesses, expert’s witnesses, plaintiffs and respondent.
radionice za studente i aktiviste OCD 7 PRAVA ZA SVE organized two workshops for students and CSO activists from all over BiH November 14, 2017 - In the working group they practiced how to use legal mechanisms for protection against discrimination, discussing the potential cases of discrimination.
treninzi-web PRAVA ZA SVE continues with education on paralegal aid for victims of discrimination and combating discrimination. October 22, 2017 - This time we organized two training sessions for representatives of youth CSOs from all over BiH.
Zenske-perspektive-1 Presentation of the publication Women’s Perspective: Alternative answers to the European Commission Questionnaire July 1, 2017 - Answers indicate the exclusion of citizens, especially women from the accession process.
Kolaz slika Nesto vise PRAVA ZA SVE continues to educate and advocate in against discrimination February 21, 2017 - Jointly with partner’s organizations PRAVA ZA SVE have […]
Efikasna-zastita-od-diskriminacije-1 NEW SERIES OF DEBATES – Efficient Protection against Discrimination January 24, 2017 - PRAVA ZA SVE continues its public advocacy campaigns on combating discrimination.
prijedlog-2-godisnjica-sa-slikama-sa-proslave-4 PRAVA ZA SVE Celebrating 20 Years of Dedicated Work on Human Rights January 24, 2017 - PRAVA ZA SVE continues to monitor legislative processes and support mechanisms for cooperation, coordination and unified action of CSOs and BiH Parliaments.

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