With talented young artist and activist Damir Prljaca PRAVA ZA SVE developed a WEB advocacy campaign. For more details on how activism and art can create social change, see “Advocating for Women’s Rights by Web Campaign” or click at the link below to the web portfolio of this and other artworks by Damir Prljača.

Advocating for Women’s Rights by Web Campaign


Promotion of the Policy Paper “How to ensure the gender equality policy in the EU integration process” and media campaign to propose recommendations for better implementation of gender equality standards in BiH, and an enhanced role of women’s civil society organizations in policy dialogue within the EU integration process.

How to ensure the gender equality policy in the EU integration process



PRAVA ZA SVE has been strengthening skills and capacities of civil society organizations (CSO) and marginalized communities to combat discrimination by using of existing mechanisms for protection against discrimination since adoption of the 2009 Law for Protection against Discrimination (LPD). PRAVA ZA SVE has been a part of group of organization that grown up into the Coalition of Civil Society against Discrimination “Equality for All”* (the Coalition) since 2010.

PRAVA ZA SVE has held dozens of trainings and workshops for communities and organizations on providing paralegal aid to victims of discrimination and fight against discrimination. PRAVA ZA SVE published a range of guides and manuals for practical use of the LPD and existing mechanisms for protection (available only in B/H/S in section Publication).

PRAVA ZA SVE has been supporting and undertaking anti-discrimination campaigns**. During 2015 and 2016, campaign for changes of the LPD was undertaken including development of amendments on the LPD with argumentation (available only in B/H/S). Through the Joint Commission for Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina it has been advocated for strengthening victims’ protection from discrimination. A great number of those amendments have been adopted in the Amendments to the LPD from 2016 (unofficial consolidated text available only in B/H/S).

Under the campaign, PRAVA ZA SVE has been organizing debates aiming to establish stakeholders’ dialogue on efficient citizen’s protection through existing antidiscrimination mechanisms and institutions. The debates are followed by thematic articles of activists and experts published by the Coalition’s portal . All debates are filmed in shot video and available at PRAVA ZA SVE YouTube page.

PRAVA ZA SVE have organized a series of debates on discrimination in accessing rights to health, what led to a joint initiative of activists, experts and parliamentarians to amend the Law on Health Insurance, which was sent in the legislative procedure in the FBiH Parliament.

PRAVA ZA SVE organizes debates “Anti-discrimination policies and practices for students of Law faculties”, where students of faculties from Mostar, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Zenica and Banja Luka participated. Future lawyers had the opportunity to improve their knowledge on how to use Antidiscrimination Law in practice through lectures and mock trials based on real case laws. Shortened video version of these debates are avaliable on PRAVA ZA SVE YouTube page.

Long lasting experience of the PRAVA ZA SVE in the fight against discrimination and advocacy is documented in user-friendly the Guide for Anti-Discrimination Advocacy (available only in B/H/S in section Publications), targeting CSO and stakeholders that would like to undertake anti-discrimination advocacy or advocacy in general.


* Mediacentar Sarajevo, Analitika – Center for Social Research, PRAVA ZA SVE and Vaša prava BiH are members of the Coalition. The Coalition promotes the active role of civil society and citizens in the fight against discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina through legal and paralegal aid in cases of discrimination; lead and support fact and knowledge based advocacy campaigns aiming to improve implementation of the anti-discrimination policies, laws and practices; builds capacities of communities and organizations to support the victims and the fight against discrimination. Work and activities of the Coalition are currently supported by USAID and the Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina.

** The Coalition defines anti-discrimination advocacy as various activities of CSOs aiming to build society without discrimination through the implementation of the LPD. The primary focus of this type of advocacy is to support the implementation of the LPD as well as other anti-discriminatory legislation and policies or, legislation that have anti-discriminatory provisions.



Prepoznajemo li diskriminaciju – Izazovi za građane i institucije (Do we recognize discrimination? – Challenges for Citizens and Institutions), autor: doc dr Midhat Izmirlija

Pristup zdravlju – ili pravo na zdravlje (Access to Health or Rights to Health), author: Selma Hadžihalilović

Imaju li žene jednako pravo na zdravlje? (Do Women Have Equal Health Rights?), author: Amra Kadrić

Koliko mladi znaju o seksualnom i reproduktivnom zdravlju? (What young people know about sexual and reproductive health?), author: Aleksandra Petrić

AD Program



(in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, through EU Accession processes and in front of the United nation institutions)

PRAVA ZA SVE implements a numerous of activities to include and strengthen women’s rights in the BiH’s accession process to the European Union. This includes securing of women’s rights through laws and practice and active participation of the women and women’s organizations in these processes. In cooperation with the Women Advocacy Group, consisting of 8 organizations from BiH, PRAVA ZA SVE monitor and analyze the BiH Country Report, which annually prepares the European Commission.

The advocacy document “Contribution of the Women’s Advocacy Group to the 2016 BH Country Report“ was prepared and submitted to the European commission. Although the European Commission postponed publishing of the BH Country Report for 2017, PRAVA ZA SVE and the Women’s Advocacy Group produced the “Contribution of the Women’s Advocacy Group to the 2017 BH Country Report“.

PRAVA ZA SVE jointly with the Women’s Advocacy Group developed “Alternative Answers to the European Commission Questionnaire: Women’s Perspectives“. BiH still has not provided answers to the Questionnaire of the EC, so published Alternative responses create additional pressure toward national authorities. PRAVA ZA SVE continues its activities by monitoring and actively engaging in the discussion of individual chapters in the pre-accession process later on through the “Alliance for the EU“.

PRAVA ZA SVE for two years actively participates in a program of advocacy for women’s rights before the EU institutions in Brussels, where at numerous of meetings with various officials persons for the Balkans present the status of women’s rights in BiH, the social and political situation, and in particular the findings from the above mentioned Contributions to the BH Country reports.

PRAVA ZA SVE in cooperation with more than 20 CSOs from all over BH coordinated and participated in the preparation of the forth Alternative Reports on the CEDAW Convention for the period 2013-2017. The Report discusses the implementation of the recommendations of the CEDAW Committee and the progress in achieving the gender equality in BiH. Representatives of the PRAVA ZA SVE have directly presented the Alternative reports and advocated the adoption of recommendations for improvement of CEDAW implementation through legislation and practices. All available Alternative reports published so far can be found in the Publications section.

The PRAVA ZA SVE systematically monitors and conducts research on the women rights, which serve as a basis for various advocacy campaigns. As expert organization for women’s rights, PRAVA ZA SVE have supported and participated in the work of a number of government’s working groups for policy making in the areas of foster care, social services, family and children policy, etc. With a group of parliamentarians and experts gathered in the Expert Working Group successfully advocated for changes in the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence, the Criminal Code of the Federation and the entire set of laws in the field of social and health care.

In cooperation with Center for Women’s Rights Zenica, we have started working on a regional research project “Funding the Women’s Movement in the Western Balkans”, with the financial support of the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, coordinated by the Kosovo Women’s Network. On 16 May, 2019, we held a work meeting where we discussed the future steps in creating an overview of the current needs of women’s movements and collecting information on previous accomplishments.

Council of europe convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence


Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women


Contribution of the WAG for the 2016 EC Progress Report on BiH



The project “Student internship: a fast track to a job” supports the reform of higher education through the establishment of a unique model of regular student practice at faculties in BiH. Regular practice during studies will enable students to acquire the necessary practical skills and thus become professionally more willing and more competitive in the labor market.

With the support of the European union, the “Rights for All” Association and UG “Budućnost” Modriča will establish an ERSE network (Education / Reform / Secure / Employment ) that will link student organizations, academic and business communities in order to establish a unified model of student practice based on good experiences from the EU and test it at faculties in BiH. By strengthening the cooperation of the members of the ERSE Network, the project opens a new space for dialogue with educational institutions at different levels, which will additionally contribute to building a culture of dialogue in BiH.

By implementing a broad and comprehensive public and media campaign, the Network will advocate reform and improve higher education. Introduction of the students internships at B&H faculties will enable students to acquire the necessary skills for work, making it easier for employers to select future employees, which will ultimately contribute to the increase of employment of young people in BiH.